What others say about working at Pleyade

UrtÄ— RaupytÄ—, Lithuania

"Pleyade gave me a chance to work as a senior caregiver. It was an unforgettable experience for me as a student nurse. But it is not only about the work, I had also an opportunity to travel and know more about Dutch culture, and, of course, learning the Dutch language. I was surrounded by friendly and helpful colleagues. And the clients were very kind, good- natured and great personalities as well. This seven week experience with Pleyade was probably the best practice that I could do during my summer holidays."

Dóra Bartus, Hungary

"I experienced my colleagues respect me for who I am and what I’m capable of. That is great, because it gives me a wonderful feeling. Every day I got compliments about my knowledge of the Dutch language. Because of my good education and ability to express myself in Dutch, I have many options to choose from. My next step is buying a house, because I’m definitely staying in the Netherlands."

Alberto Soto, Spain

"I chose working in the Netherlands, because within our profession it’s very difficult to find a steady job in Spain. Every day I learned new things. I also found a nice football club, where I played football and got to know Dutch people outside of the job."

Matthias Christen, Germany

"As a caretaker you have a broad scale of responsibilities. Besides household and caring tasks you can also perform some more technical procedures. You also have a greater responsibility, which reduces the level-gap between nursing home and hospital. The biggest difference with working in a hospital is that in a nursing home you have more time to get to know the people and find out how the Dutch system works. In a nursing home the qualifications of a caretaker are almost equal to those of a nurse. I can easily say that this period in the nursing home served me a lot."

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